GIRa provides training for workers appointed to act as what is known as an ‘ombudsman’.

An ombudsman is a worker of a company or organisation who is specifically appointed to this position. The position, which is undertaken in a voluntary nature, provides impartial support for the informal resolution of a conflict and/or difficulties related with work within the organisation.

The service remains at the disposal of all workers irrespective of the type of contract or location.

In all cases, the ombudsman acts with the highest level of confidentiality and impartiality. S/he does not stand up for any person in a dispute within the organisation, nor for the organisation itself; rather, s/he facilitates the process and proposals, and provides an acceptable solution to all parties.

The most significant advantage of this is that the ombudsman searches for problem resolution options whilst having a pre-existing awareness of the available resources within the system.

An ombudsman is trained to manage situations of conflict and, ultimately, it can be a channel for the members of the organisation to present a problem without being at risk of retaliation.

Based on the circumstances, the ombudsman may suggest that a mediation process be initiated.