GIRa is a consulting company specializing in alternative dispute resolution and communication services


GIRa, founded in 2011 in Barcelona by Meritxell Bosch Torreblanca, Natàlia Flores Pujol and Marta Méndez Pichot, was born with a vocation to resolve conflicts in a different way. With this objective, we have formed a team of professionals of recognized prestige in the field of negotiation, mediation and communication. From the beginning, we focused on resolving conflicts through negotiation, mediation and facilitation processes, both between people, between companies and third parties, and within organizations.

GIRa ADR uses these processes to find a solution, with the aim of giving a positive turn to the conflict and to reach a satisfactory agreement for all parties.

For GIRa, the basis of a negotiation or mediation is adequate communication. For this reason, GIRa company services focus on the alternative conflicts resolution and internal and external relational communication within organizations. Covering from the preventive to the resolutive phases. We found that professionals, managers and employees of companies did not take advantage of communication, a tool within their reach that is fundamental in labor relations.

This generates problems that can be solved by acquiring knowledge and using the appropriate tools. However, if these measures are not carried out, negative consequences may be produced in the relations between the workers, as well as, a negative impact on the results of the organizations.

Strengthening or acquiring the skills, in communication and in the management of crisis situations, we manage the teams better, motivate the workers, improve the work environment, prevent conflicts and solve crisis situations.






Two years ago, we took a step further. Combine the power of communication and conflict management with technology. BCN Resol was born and the first app B-resol, aimed at teenagers. Recognized by Google as an app that can help change the world. He has been a finalist in the challenge of the fight against the cyberbullyng of the D-lab MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2018, and recently winner of the Zapping Awards 2018 as the best initiative app/web.







And finally, we incorporated into the product GIRa companyM.T.M. (Management Team Mentoring), a mentoring service, aimed at executives, management teams and professionals to promote organizational learning and talent development, two of the most important competitive resources of any company.




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