(Management and alternative dispute resolution)


GIRa intervenes in its resolution through confidential, voluntary procedures, and the assigned professional is impartial and neutral. These procedures, depending on the problem are:







GIRa training


GIRa offers personalized training in mediation, conflict management and prevention, and communication (related to people management) through courses, workshops, seminars or conferences, can be directed to:


Professional groups

Academic area




GiRa company



The GIRa company product includes management and alternative dispute resolution, consultancy, training and M.T.M services to companies, non-profit organizations and institutions, with the objective of:

    • Promote the welfare, fidelity and productivity of the workers

    • Improve the health of workers and the company

    • Increase the performance of objectives

    • Reduce costs

    • Favor innovation and creativity

    • Improve the management of the people of the company

    • Favor positive leadership

    • Managing crisis situations efficiently

    • Improve your self management

    • Prevent and detect cases of harassment (sexual, by reason of sex, work …)

    • Improve the work environment