When facing a dispute, we advise any company, business, law firm, consultant, professional or individual that gets in touch with GIRa,analysing and discussing the most appropriate ADR process for the situation, as well as other types of intervention that can help to resolve the conflict. As a consultancy firm, we intervene in both the preventive sphere and in the management and resolution of conflicts, which may or may not have entered into a judicial process. Our service does not include legal assistance in judicial or arbitral processes. Techniques such as mediation, negotiation or facilitation and advice are the tools that GIRa implement with a view to bring a positive twist to the conflict and to reach a satisfactory agreement for all parties.

Management and alternative dispute resolution.

In conflict situations relating to businesses, homeowner associations, education, sports, inheritances, contracts, and accidents and/or incidents, among others, GIRa intervenes in the resolution implementing confidential and voluntary procedures, in which the appointed professional acts in an impartial and neutral manner.

These procedures, according to the problems are:


Collaborative advice with other professionals.
Among other services, we draft professional ethical codes, family shareholder agreements, etc.

Performance in the business sphere

Management within the internal context: politics and management systems, directive action, culture and values. Alternative conflict resolution methods offer a series of advantages for resolving conflicts between companies, workers or departments in the same company, family companies, etc.


Design and implementation of training in mediation and dispute management through courses, workshops, seminars or conferences.

  • Customised traning for companies
  • For professional groups
  • Academic
  • Organisation of courses, workshops and seminars on sensibilisation and conflict prevention.